Lead Generation

For every business, Lead is as vital as Sugar in the tea. There are different techniques for generating leads. Digital Marketing is improvising continuously and we see new changes at the blink of eye. Digital Marketing has developed techniques to generate […]

3 things you should avoid doing Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is considered as future of Marketing. We trust you have already started with it. If not, it’s better to be late than never. If you have already started Digital marketing, ensure you don’t make the common mistakes identified below: […]

3 steps to manage your Social Media marketing in-house

Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing is an easy and effective way to promote your business. Remember social media Marketing is not a one time task. It’s acontinuous process. Social Media marketing started with brand creation and awareness few years ago. Now […]

How a Business grew by 500% using Digital Marketing

See how a Business grew by 500% using Digital Marketing: A Case Study An Article by: Digital Consulting Pandit Mr Rajesh (name changed) had been into traditional B2B business for last 10 years. With products spread under 10 different categories […]

P.M. Modi Driving Digital way: A Business Perspective

Some of the key initiates taken by Honorable P.M. Narendra Modi are moving towards Digitization. We have described a digital perspective  for your Business. See how can your Business benefit out of it  !!! 1. Digital India campaign: This initiative ensure even rural people […]

Print Media vs Digital Marketing

Print Media This is form of marketing used by Business to market their company via tangible media like Newspaper advert, Pamphlets, Hoardings etc. This is traditional way of marketing your business since multiple decades. ADVANTAGES 1. Easy and traditional way […]

Semi Entrepreneurship

Semi Entrepreneurship In recent times a lot of people are moving towards Semi Entrepreneurship (read more to know  about this term). This trend is seen rising typically in developing countries like India. Last decade (Year 2003-2013)saw a steep rise in number of Jobs […]

Simple tips on Digital Marketing

           Digital marketing is building the brand or promotion of products via one or more forms of electronic media and differs from traditional marketing. More and more businesses are seeing greater chunks of their revenue come from digital and […]

Website or Mobile app?

Does my Business need a Website or a Mobile App for Digital Marketing? This is a big question in today’s time for traditional businessmen and hence we have tried to give simple explanation towards it. Current state: Some business already […]