Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing includes training in setting up Facebook page for business and understanding how Facebook can be used to as a marketing tool for business.

  1. What is  FB Marketing
  2. Understanding FB Page
  3. Creating an FB page.
  4. Points to be noted while creating an FB page.
  5. FB followers
  6. FB page/ FB event/ FB Post.
  7. Understanding different types of Paid adverts.
  8. Creating an Paid FB advert.
  9. Defining Audience for advert.
  10. Setting up location for advert.
  11. Hand's on:
    • Setting up Face book page for your business.
    • Adding Post.
    • Creating event in FB.
    • Learning tips and tricks for FB Marketing.

Recommended for Businessmen as well as student

2 Days.

Rs 6000 Only.

Basic Knowledge of Internet & Computers.