Advertise your site to get maximum clicks. Choose an apt keyword. Make right bid within your budget to generate

Google Adwords is an "online advertising" service that enables advertisers to compete based on keywords.
Ad words are the Quickest way for increasing the footprints of your site.
To get the Best returns, you need to select most effective keywords with the best Bid. Once your Ad is set, you just pay per click (PPC).

Our Consultancy Offerings:-

  • Creating campaigns
  • Creating an AD group
  • Selecting Appropriate keywords
  • Assigning budget
  • Bidding for Keywords


Ad wordsBasic ( Local Business/ Small Start up)Popular ( Small & Medium Enterprise)Legend ( e-Commerce / Corporate)
Campaign set upYesYesYes
Search AdsYesYesYes
Display Ads (Text)YesYesYes
Image/ Responsive AdsNoYesYes
Shopping AdsNoNoYes
Follow upsMonthlyBi-weeklyWeekly
Consultancy Timeup to 10 hrsup to 15 hrsup to 20 hrs