How a Business grew by 500% using Digital Marketing

See how a Business grew by 500% using Digital Marketing: A Case Study

An Article by: Digital Consulting Pandit

Mr Rajesh (name changed) had been into traditional B2B business for last 10 years. With products spread under 10 different categories and cost ranging from Rs 50 to Rs 5000, it catered to around 5000 customers. With all the buzz around about e-commerce, he decided to foray into web world by creating e-commerce portal but without any success. Apart from the customers he already had, others didn’t know about such an e-commerce portal.

When Mr Rajesh approached Digital Consulting Pandit, we helped them analyse the situation and took right steps leading to a turnaround. Today they have 3 times the order over previous year. Value per order doubled over last year. No. of customers has doubled with around 10,000 customers all over the world in less than 2 years.

Below is the summary of initiatives taken to enhance the business presence on the Web which ultimately led to massive growth in sales for Mr Rajesh.
1st year of the business :
Digital Consulting Pandit stepped in as consultant for Digital Marketing of the eCommerce site.

First step we did was digitizing the things. All the relevant data in physical files, on piece of paper or at the top of the mind was jotted down either in excel, word or in a system.

We started with email marketing so our existing customers are aware that we are live now with eCommerce. We did set up Facebook Page and started brand building for the site.

Digital Consulting Pandit Team as a Digital Partner, started working on Keywords which would be more relevant for the business. Basic search Ads were set up and SEO was started. Analytics was set up to plan our campaigns effectively. We also started selling products on portals like amazon, flipkart etc. The margins were low here but it helped in increasing the overall sales.

The in-house eCommerce portal started performing in 1st year itself. New customers started ordering from website. With steady offline business, online business started growing well. The money invested started showing returns with unbelievable ROI in less than 8 months.

2nd year of business:
We started with more intense Digital Marketing by using Facebook paid ads to generate leads. On Page as well as Off Page SEO was done on regular basis. We had different types of Google Ad words campaigns like Display, search, Placements etc. Keyword accuracy went above 90%.

Regular rule based emails were sent. We had offers/ Promotions going over for different categories of products. During later stage, whats-app Marketing also assisted in changing the game.

We are still in 2nd year and we saw a huge boost to sale. Orders started floating on even from some remote states like Mizoram, Assam etc. Where we could have never reached. International orders became common. We had 3 times the order over previous year. Value per order doubled over last year. Now we have more than 10,000 customers all over the world in less than 2 years.

It’s truly said, Digital Marketing is a continuous process with great returns year on year. Since more and more users are moving online, Digital marketing for business is inevitable.

You can delay Digital marketing but Can’t Ignore.

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