P.M. Modi Driving Digital way: A Business Perspective

Some of the key initiates taken by Honorable P.M. Narendra Modi are moving towards Digitization. We have described a digital perspective  for your Business. See how can your Business benefit out of it  !!!

1. Digital India campaign:

  1. This initiative ensure even rural people have access to Internet (Digital World). For instance, Reliance JIO is going to provide internet service even in rural areas.
  2. We already have Wi-Fi facilities started at some railway stations in Mumbai

This initiative  will bring more & more users to internet. Online availability of existing users  would see an upward trend.

2. Demonetization move:

  1. Recent demonetization move to Stop black money.
  2. Rs 500 & Rs 1000 notes turned void almost from immediate effect.

This initiative is going to move a lot of audience to Digital world.

Users of e-Money sources like Pay TM, Freecharge etc. are biggest beneficiary. They have seen a steep upward trend in the number of users as well as vendors. Debit/ Credit Card swipes can be commonly seen in local shops too.  People have started trusting Digital money.

Thinking long term, people will be seen online more and Digital world will be more trusted & reliable way for doing Business.

Market your Business where the Audience is  !!!

If forecast says people/users will be seen online more, why not your Business?

Start Digital Marketing before your competitors create a brand online.

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