Print Media vs Digital Marketing

Print Media

This is form of marketing used by Business to market their company via tangible media like Newspaper advert, Pamphlets, Hoardings etc.
This is traditional way of marketing your business since multiple decades.


1. Easy and traditional way of communication.
2. Works well for local market.
3. Considered as more personalized


1. Print media is Costly affair.
2. You cannot get information about your potential leads.
3. No customization based on your target audience.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is intangible form of marketing used by Business to market their company through online services like Social Media, Email marketing , Online Ads etc.
This is modern & effective techniques which is buzz of the decade.

1. Cost effective:- Your business can reach global at cost effective price.
2. Target your audience based on age, gender etc.
3. Can be localized for your business.
4. You can track your customer/ Leads easily.


Need basic Technical knowledge to set up Digital Marketing for Business*

* A Digital Consultant can be of great help to turn this Dis-advantage to Advantage.
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