Semi Entrepreneurship

Semi Entrepreneurship

In recent times a lot of people are moving towards Semi Entrepreneurship (read more to know  about this term). This trend is seen rising typically in developing countries like India.

Last decade (Year 2003-2013)saw a steep rise in number of Jobs in the market. Professional degree holders like CA, Engineers (specifically IT), CS,  Interior designers  etc. opted for jobs over starting own business or joining family business. Being employees to an organization became a safer option. People were happy with monthly paychecks. Switching job was like an additional top up. With a minor glitch in 2009-2010, employment increased exponentially. Salary went up year on year and so went spending. Foreign trips, buying house, new cars etc. was not un-common.

Gradually things have started changing. Few bunch of people started feeling their work monotonous. Some are unable to see the growth as they would like to see. People feel Increments just cover inflation. Job switch does not seem as easy as it was during their early professional carrier. EMI’s is also a cause of worry for few of them.

A few people have started thinking in different direction and fetched new ideas. For some people planning state is in progress and some people have started implementation of their ideas. People are investing time or money (or both) towards new ideas. More and more start ups are emerging. Some of them are getting bigger by funds received from Venture capitalist while some are still at small scale.

People have started moving towards entrepreneurship, however not all of them are leaving their job. For instance, when Zomato started, not all of its partners were full time into business. Some of them were still working as an employee and were doing part time entrepreneurship. This concept of doing business as well as job simultaneously can be termed as Semi Entrepreneurship. This concept has seen a rise. Until the time semi-entrepreneur gets good returns or has good forecast or receive funding  for their business, they continue with their job. This ensure a study source of income (with time as trade-off) for their business.

Most of them are using IT (Information Technology) as one of the tools to promote their business online. The best part of using IT is, it does not need your availability in real time. For instance:- Your website speaks what business you do. Your ecommerce portal generates revenues without your manual intervention. This helps you to save time and concentrate on your employment job.


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