3 steps to manage your Social Media marketing in-house

Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing is an easy and effective way to promote your business.
Remember social media Marketing is not a one time task. It’s acontinuous process.
Social Media marketing started with brand creation and awareness few years ago. Now it’s mature enough to generate leads, conversions and lot more for different business.
Some of the key social media marketing tools include Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube etc.

1.   Know Your customer’s need:

  • You are the best judge for your customer. You know what your customer/ prospect wants.
  • For some business customers look purely for service, while for some it’s price which is a game changer.
  • Make a note of your customer’s need. You can categorize them as well to campaign better.


2.   Content is crucial:

  • Once you have your customers categorized and have identified the need. Next important step is getting content ready.
  • Content is king. You can write your content, search for it or ask your staff to prepare it.
  • Let your content stand outwhen compared to competitors
  • Prepare different types of content.g. Image, text, video, info graphics etc.


3.   Technology:

  • This is the final and key step. Lot of people fail here or fear here.
  • Technology is changing every other day.
  • Keeping primary focus on business, it becomes difficult to cope up with technology. Hence it is inevitable to have a consultant to help you.
  • Consultants are cost effective and can help you in the long run to strategize your social media/ digital media marketing.


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