Website or Mobile app?

Does my Business need a Website or a Mobile App for Digital Marketing?

This is a big question in today’s time for traditional businessmen and hence we have tried to give simple explanation towards it.

Current state:
  • Some business already have a website just for online presence. This website is not marketed to attract more audience. It is visited only by known audience.
  • A few entrepreneurs have developed app for their business. However it’ doesn’t have a strong user base.
  • Some of the businessmen still don’t believe in virtual marketing. Hence they don’t have an online presence yet.

Marketing matters most where the Audience is !!!  Study says, a person on an average spends 2 hours /day on internet.

Question comes in again, What should you do??
The answer depends on case to case basis. We have tried to jot down some simple scenarios.

Case 1: Pure Local Business
Your business is local such that your reach is less than 3-4 km's of radius and you don't even think the circumference is going to grow. Say your Margins are not too high.

e.g. Local Kirana shop, Restaurant, Dentist, local clothes shop etc.

  • Basic Website (template based) can be good to begin with for some of the purely local business types as it helps for Brand building & Awareness. If your competitors have online presence, It becomes must to have a website and promote using different Digital Marketing techniques.
  • For this scenario, mobile application is typically not recommended (may be 1/100 exceptions) as your target audience is too less. It would be tough to have good visitor count on your application.

You can opt for Social Media tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. for marketing with minimal investments.

Case 2: Local with good reach.
Your business is Local, however you can cover a city with a circumference of around 15-20 km's radius.

e.g. Specialized treatment center,  Manufacturer etc.

  • For this scenario, Developing & Marketing website could be a good move. Ensure you design a responsive website & start promoting it. Website will help to build brand for your company. Since you are wide spread, you cannot afford marketer or sales guy everywhere.
  • Developing app and mobile marketing might not be cost effective for every business.  However there can be some exceptions too.
Case 3: You are a mid size firm.
We would consider company with 50-1000 employees as mid-size

e.g. CA firm, Shipping & Logistics company etc.

  • Website is a must for a mid size firm. For mid size companies (100+), typically website is present. Some of the companies are not promoting it. You definitely need to Promote your website for Brand Building, Lead generation & sales (if applicable).
  • Mobile app helps in brand creation. However creating App needs to have a clear purpose.

In case you are targeting an App for your Leads/ Customer, you need to ensure it gives continuous benefits  to them (in terms of time or money or both).  It doesn’t make sense for an user to install your app otherwise. Additionally, you will have to market your app through online/ offline ways. Add that cost to your development cost and calculate ROI.

Case 4: You are a big firm
Big is a subjective term. However We are considering companies with 1000+ employees as big here.
  • Big firm will have websites and most of them would be promoting it too. Some of them are leaders in their specific domain.
  • You can create an App for internal employees which will save your operational time and can give ease to employees. It’s worth  going ahead. ROI would be quick as you have huge employee base. You can also Target mobile app for Brand building (which is must if your business is niche).If you are targeting Sales from your Mobile App, give better discounts via app (like most eCommerce business are doing it currently).

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